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VPD-800 Alcohol Swab Machine: Enhancing Efficiency and Productivity

In the Medical, Household Goods, and Pharmaceutical industries, the demand for alcohol swabs is constantly increasing. To meet this demand effectively, businesses require efficient and high-speed production equipment. VIPPAI Alcohol Swab Machine is an exceptional solution that offers outstanding performance and a range of features to enhance productivity.


High-speed Production and Versatile Design

Our VPD-800 Alcohol Swab Machine is designed with speed and efficiency in mind. With the ability to output up to 8 pieces of alcohol swabs simultaneously, VIPPAI's machine ensures a rapid production process. Operating at a speed of 800-1200 pcs/min, it enables manufacturers to meet even the most demanding production requirements.

This high-speed production capability significantly increases productivity and reduces production time. Manufacturers can fulfill orders promptly and efficiently, meeting the needs of their customers and maintaining a competitive edge in the market.

Furthermore, VIPPAI VPD-800 Alcohol Swab Machine incorporates a four-side seal design. This sealing method provides superior packaging integrity, ensuring that the alcohol swabs remain securely sealed and protected. The airtight packaging helps preserve the swabs' quality by preventing contamination and maintaining their sterilization properties.

The versatility of our machine allows manufacturers to use various packaging materials such as compound film, PAPER/PP/PET/PE/ALUMINUM, catering to different market preferences and requirements. Whether it's a medical setting or household use, the VPD-800 Alcohol Swab Machine can adapt to diverse packaging needs, giving businesses the flexibility to meet the demands of various industries.

Advanced Technology for Precision and Reliability

VIPPAI integrates advanced technology into the VPD-800 Alcohol Swab Machine, guaranteeing precision and reliability throughout the production process. Our machine utilizes a servo motor for intelligent operation, ensuring precise control and accurate performance. This technology enables seamless synchronization and enhances the overall efficiency of the machine.

Moreover, the VPD-800 Alcohol Swab Machine features an automatic slitting part that cuts one big non-woven fabric roll into eight rolls. This automation simplifies the production process and reduces material waste, optimizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness. By minimizing unnecessary manual intervention, manufacturers can streamline their operations and maximize productivity.

The machine also incorporates the Swiss Gotec Electromagnetic Pump, known for its high accuracy and corrosion resistance. This pump is responsible for adding alcohol essence to the swabs, ensuring precise control of the liquid volume. With this level of precision, manufacturers can achieve consistent saturation and the desired concentration of alcohol in each swab.

VIPPAI VPD-800 Alcohol Swab Machine goes beyond efficient production. It also prioritizes safety and cleanliness. The machine features a glass cover that ensures safe and clean operation. By providing a protective barrier, it prevents any potential contamination and safeguards the quality of the alcohol swabs.


The VPD-800 Alcohol Swab Machine from VIPPAI is a game-changer in the production of alcohol swabs. Its high-speed production capability, versatile design, and advanced technology make it an ideal choice for businesses in the Medical, Household Goods, and Pharmaceutical industries. With the ability to output up to 8 pieces of alcohol swabs simultaneously and a four-side seal for secure packaging, the VPD-800 enhances efficiency and productivity. The integration of advanced technology, such as the servo motor and Swiss Gotec Electromagnetic Pump, ensures precision, reliability, and consistent quality in the production process. By investing in the VPD-800 Alcohol Swab Machine, businesses can elevate their manufacturing capabilities, meet market demands efficiently, and maintain the highest standards of quality in their alcohol swabs.



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