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Cosmetics Face Mask Making Machine

The production of VPD-400 Facial Mask Making Machine(Bag Making or Bag Giving): fully meet the requirements of pharmaceutical grade GMP production equipment, only need the roll film feeding can complete the test. 

Process: cut film forming, fold mask, online bag making (or prefabricated bag), add essence liquid, seal the bag and so on.
Machine Features:

  • Automatic production of mask production packaging, saving 8-15 people's labor force.
  • The entire production process is completed in the shield to ensure that the mask is free from contamination.
  • The whole machine fully meets the requirements of GMP certification.
  • Save labor and save 20-30% of the cost of packaging materials.
  • Easy adjustment of changing bag type and wide applicability of convenient bag.
  • The whole machine adjusts the servo setting, which is stable and easy to use.
  • Balcony design, drive station, work station separation, safe and reliable.
  • The filling process can be inspected manually with naked eyes, or the black spots or unqualified products can be selected and added to the online visual inspection.
  • Use high-end metering pump filling precision high plus or minus 1 gram.

Eye Pad Making Machine

VPD300E Eye Patches Making Machine is a machine that integrates production and packaging. Its essence adding device can be chosen by different eye patches.
Machine Features:

  • The whole machine is equipped with servo motor. It is simple, safe and reliable to control text writing by touch screen to adjust parameters.
  • Reciprocating heat sealing mechanism, with sufficient time for large-area sealing, strong sealing, smooth, firm and beautiful sealing; and meet a variety of materials sealed packaging.
  • Alarm for lack of film and stop can automatically correct deviation, through two cursor point tracking, automatic calibration, automatic generation of safety and stability.
  • It can be make various specifications of packaging, convenient and fast mold switching, wide applicability, strong compatibility.
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