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Automatic Packaging Machine Manufacturer

Wenzhou WEIPAI (VIPPAI & VIROO) Machinery Co., Ltd, established in late 2003, is a leading technology and machinery group specializing in automatic packaging machines. With over 20 years of innovation, Vippai has achieved CE certifications and numerous national technical patents.

Vippai has grown into a top brand, supported by a team of senior technical experts. We specialize in manufacturing packaging and sealing machines, including Single Sachet Wet Wipes Machines, Alcohol Swab/Pad Making Machines, Cosmetic Facial Mask Making Machines, and Eye Patch Machines.

Vippai stands out as a pioneering force in the automatic packaging industry, renowned for its cutting-edge technology, extensive expertise, and commitment to quality across diverse sectors. Our state-of-the-art automatic packaging machines are designed for the Pharmaceutical, Beauty & Cosmetics, Personal Care, Healthcare, and Food industries.

20 Years Experience

With two decades of expertise, Vippai is a professional manufacturer of packaging machines dedicated to providing our partners with high-quality packing and sealing machines.

Factory Direct Selling

Vippai, as an outstanding packaging machinery manufacturer, offers factory direct selling, ensuring high-quality products at competitive prices.

Customize the Machine

Vippai provides customized package sealing machine solutions to meet specific industry needs.

Professional&Technical Certification

Vippai boasts professional and technical certifications, guaranteeing excellence and reliability in our automatic packaging machines and services.

Products Category

VIPPAI (VIROO) offers a range of automatic packing machines, including 4-side seal packaging machines, ideal for the cosmetics, medical, and healthcare industries. Our automatic packaging machine series efficiently produces and packages makeup remover wipes, single-piece wet wipes, alcohol swabs, facial masks, under-eye patches, and more.

Single Wet Wipes Machine

Making single sachet wipe, lens wipes, makeup removing wipes etc.

Alcohol Swab Making Machine

High speed in making alcohol swab, alcohol prep pad.

Cosmetic Face Mask Making Machine
Whole production line of facial sheet mask.
Eye Patches Machine
Using to produce eye pads, under eye patches, cheek patches etc.
4 Side Seal Packaging Machine
Multi-function 4-side seal machine for packing wound dressing, face mask etc.
Carton Box Packaging Machine
Back-end packaging machine for wipes, alcohol swab, facial mask etc.

Automatic Packaging Machines Application

Vippai's automatic packaging machines are widely used in the Personal Care, Healthcare, and Beauty & Cosmetics industries. In the Personal Care sector, our packaging and sealing machines efficiently produce and package items like makeup remover wipes and single-piece wet wipes. For the Healthcare industry, our advanced package sealing machines are perfect for creating and packaging products such as alcohol swabs. In the Beauty & Cosmetics industry, Vippai packaging machines excel in manufacturing and automatic packaging facial masks, ensuring high-quality, hygienic, and precisely sealed products.

Our Services

VIPPAI (VIROO) offers a comprehensive range of services designed to meet your specific needs, ensuring the secure and efficient use of our automatic packaging machines. From personalized support to technical assistance, we are committed to providing you with reliable and high-quality solutions.

After-sale Service

Vippai offers round-the-clock online support through video. Before shipping, we conduct comprehensive tests on each automatic packaging machine and provide customers with detailed videos from installation to production. A complete set of English manuals and instructions is also included with the Vippai packaging machine.

Validation Service

Vippai provides a complete documentation set for CE certification in English, tailored to meet the specific requirements of each customer.

Training Service

Vippai provides comprehensive training services to ensure our customers are equipped with the necessary skills to effectively utilize our operating automatic packaging machine for optimal production outcomes.

Maintenance Service

Vippai provides a one-year warranty on our packaging and sealing machines, with our main accessories covered by a three-month warranty. After the warranty period expires, customers can rely on us to purchase replacement parts as needed.

Technical Supports

Vippai boasts a team of seasoned engineers dedicated to providing complimentary technical support. Should customers require on-site assistance in their factory, they are responsible for covering the expenses related to the service and visa arrangements for our engineers.

After-sales Visit

Vippai offers a recurring service for automatic packaging equipment check-ups and usage assessments, ensuring continued efficiency and optimal performance.


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