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VPD-250 General Speed Right Angle Wet Wipes Machine: Revolutionizing Wet Wipes Manufacturing

In the fast-paced industries of cosmetic, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals, the demand for high-quality wet wipes is ever-growing. Addressing this need, VIPPAI VPD-250 General Speed Right Angle Wet Wipes Machine emerges as a game-changer in wet wipes manufacturing. This single sachet wet wipes machine offers unparalleled efficiency, versatility, and hygiene standards, making it an indispensable asset for wet wipe manufacturers.



Introduction to the VPD-250 Wet Wipes Machine

The VPD-250 stands at the forefront of wet wipes production technology. Built with precision and innovation, this VIPPAI wet wipes machine caters to a wide range of wet wipes, including makeup remover wipes, skin cleaning wipes, men's maintenance wipes, women care wipes, alcohol pads, and swabs. By producing individual wet wipes that are hygienic and easy to carry, the VPD-250 meets the diverse needs of consumers across various industries.


Introducing VIPPAI: Redefining Wet Wipes Packaging with the VIPPAI 4 Side Seal Machine

As a brand derivative, VIPPAI takes wet wipes packaging to new heights with its 4 side seal packaging machine. This cutting-edge equipment seamlessly complements the VPD-250, providing an end-to-end solution for wet wipes production. The VIPPAI 4 side seal packaging machine enhances packaging integrity and leakage prevention using materials such as PET/AL/PE, Paper/PE/AL/PE, PET/PE, BOPP/PE/AL/PE, and PET/AL/NY/PE.

Incorporating Japan Panasonic's color code tracking system, the VIPPAI machine ensures precise and accurate packing by detecting color marks on the packing film using photo eyes. This technology guarantees consistency and eliminates errors in the packaging process. Additionally, the printing date numbers and easy tear system allows manufacturers to easily control the printing of dates and codes on the wet wipes packaging. The tear mouth offers two options: 'V' or '-', enhancing user convenience during opening.

To maintain precision during the addition of essences, the VIPPAI 4 side seal packaging machine utilizes IWAKI metering pumps from Japan. These pumps ensure high accuracy and reliability, maintaining product quality and consistency throughout the manufacturing process.



Unmatched Versatility and Customization for Diverse Wet Wipe Production

Equipped with Taiwan Delta servo motor and Siemens PLC, VIPPAI VPD-250 ensures stable operation and convenient usage through its intelligent touch screen and servo motor control system. VPD-250 wet wipes machine's standout feature lies in its adjustable mold, enabling the production of wet tissues within the dimensions of (40-140)*(40-110) mm (L*W) without the need for mold changes. Manufacturers can effortlessly switch between single pack or double pack options by replacing the dotted line knife section, offering unmatched flexibility and efficiency.

The VPD-250 wet wipes machine also allows for extensive customization. With the capability to fold non-woven fabrics up to 10 vertical folds and 4 horizontal folds, manufacturers have the freedom to create unique wet wipe designs. By adjusting the width and length of the non-woven fabric, diverse folding patterns can be achieved, catering to specific customer preferences. Moreover, VPD-250 wet wipes machine's four-side sealing design with Teflon-coated molds ensures anti-stick properties, protecting the mold mesh and prolonging its service life.



The VPD-250 General Speed Right Angle Wet Wipes Machine, accompanied by the VIPPAI 4 Side Seal Packaging Machine, revolutionizes wet wipes manufacturing. Combining cutting-edge technology, customization options, and seamless operation, these machines elevate efficiency, hygiene, and product quality for wet wipe manufacturers worldwide. Embrace the VPD-250 and introduce VIPPAI groundbreaking packaging solution to enhance your wet wipes production capabilities.

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