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Vippai's VPD-800: Empowering the Healthcare Industry with High-Speed Alcohol Swab Making Packaging Machine

The healthcare industry demands efficiency, precision, and reliability, especially when it comes to essential products like alcohol swab pad wipes. Vippai presents the VPD-800, an advanced alcohol swab machine designed to meet the evolving needs of the industry. With its high-speed capabilities, versatile packaging options, and user-friendly features, the VPD-800 stands out as a game-changer in alcohol swab production. Let's explore the key aspects of this cutting-edge Vippai alcohol swab machine and its potential to elevate the healthcare manufacturing sector.


Versatility in Packing Film and Package Size


Vippai's VPD-800 caters to the diverse packaging requirements of alcohol swab pad wipes with its flexibility in packing film materials. The machine is compatible with a wide range of compounds, including PAPER/PP/PET/PE/ALUMINUM, enabling manufacturers to choose the most suitable material for their products. With a maximum film roll width of 800mm and a roll diameter of 350mm, the VPD-800 efficiently handles large-scale production, ensuring consistent and reliable output.


Furthermore, the machine offers two package size options: the normal size with a width of 45-55mm and length of 45-55mm, and the customized size with a width of 45-90mm and length of 45-100mm. This flexibility empowers manufacturers to tailor their alcohol swab pad wipes to meet specific market demands and customer preferences.


Enhanced Efficiency with High-Speed Packing


The VPD-800 excels in efficiency with its remarkable packing speed, capable of producing 800-1200 bags per minute. This high-speed capability streamlines the production process, ensuring a steady supply of alcohol swab pad wipes to meet growing demands.


Moreover, the machine's liquid range suggests 0~9ml of alcohol, depending on the material and product specifications. This precision in liquid dosage ensures uniformity and effectiveness in each alcohol swab, instilling confidence in end-users about the product's reliability.


Robust Build and User-Friendly Design


Vippai's VPD-800 is engineered with durability and user convenience in mind. With a sturdy machine weight of 1500kg and dimensions of L4370mm×W1700mm×H1700mm, the VPD-800 is designed to withstand heavy-duty production and operate seamlessly for extended periods.


The user-friendly interface and controls enable operators to easily navigate and adjust settings, enhancing operational efficiency and minimizing downtime. Vippai's commitment to safety is evident with the machine's CE standard compliance, ensuring a safe and secure production environment.




In the ever-evolving landscape of the healthcare industry, Vippai's VPD-800 emerges as a powerful and reliable solution for alcohol swab pad wipe production. With its versatility in packing film and package size, high-speed packing capabilities, and robust build, the VPD-800 offers manufacturers a competitive edge and empowers them to deliver top-quality alcohol swab pad wipes to the market.


As Vippai continues to innovate and engineer cutting-edge machines, the VPD-800 remains a testament to the brand's dedication to excellence. Elevate your alcohol swab production process with Vippai's VPD-800, and experience the future of high-speed and efficient manufacturing. With Vippai as your trusted partner, embrace a new era of precision, productivity, and growth in the healthcare industry.

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