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Vippai's VPD 250D Alcohol Swab Prep Pad Making Machine: Streamlining High-Quality Packaging

In the rapidly advancing healthcare industry, the demand for efficient and precise alcohol swab packaging is growing. Vippai introduces the VPD 250D Alcohol Swab Making Machine, a cutting-edge solution that combines horizontal four-side sealing with a right angle feature, ensuring top-notch packaging. With a wide range of compatible packing materials and inner materials, versatile packing sizes, and a high-speed packing capacity of 100-150 bags per minute, the Vippai alcohol swab making machine VPD 250D revolutionizes alcohol swab production. Discover how Vippai's commitment to excellence in engineering and design sets a new standard for the industry.


Versatile Packing Materials and Inner Materials


Vippai's VPD 250D offers a remarkable advantage in flexibility, accommodating various packing materials to suit specific requirements. The machine supports an array of packing material options, including PET/AL/PE, Paper/PE/AL/PE, PET/PE, BOPP/PE/AL/PE, and PET/AL/NY/PE, allowing manufacturers to tailor their packaging choices according to product specifications and market preferences.


Additionally, the machine handles inner materials with ease, such as 30-80g/m2 air-laid paper, nonwoven fabric, and spun lace nonwoven fabric. This versatility empowers manufacturers to create alcohol swabs with different absorbent properties, ensuring optimal performance and user satisfaction.


Precise Packing Sizes and Folding Options


The VPD 250D excels in precision, offering precise packing sizes for alcohol swabs. With packing size specifications of L: 40-140 MM and W: 40-110 MM, the machine caters to a wide range of product dimensions, enhancing its applicability across various industries.


Furthermore, the machine's folding capabilities are equally impressive, enabling up to 10 folding options in the vertical direction and 4 folding options in the horizontal direction. This exceptional folding versatility allows manufacturers to achieve compact and well-organized packaging, enhancing the overall presentation of alcohol swab products.


High-Speed Production and Efficient Liquid Adding


Vippai's VPD 250D excels in efficiency, boasting a high-speed packing capacity of 100-150 bags per minute. This outstanding production rate empowers manufacturers to meet the escalating market demands for alcohol swabs, ensuring a consistent and reliable supply.


The machine's liquid adding range, ranging from 0-5 ML according to product requirements, ensures precise and accurate saturation of alcohol swabs with liquid components. This level of control guarantees uniformity in product quality, reinforcing user confidence in the efficacy of alcohol swab products.




Vippai's VPD 250D Alcohol Swab Making Machine represents a paradigm shift in alcohol swab packaging, combining precision, efficiency, and versatility in one revolutionary solution. With its compatibility with various packing materials and inner materials, precise packing sizes, and exceptional folding options, the VPD 250D adapts seamlessly to diverse manufacturing needs.


Investing in Vippai's VPD 250D ensures a streamlined and efficient alcohol swab production process, meeting the demands of a rapidly evolving healthcare industry. As Vippai continues to innovate and engineer high-quality machines, the VPD 250D sets a new benchmark for excellence in alcohol swab making, positioning itself as a leader in the industry. Embrace the future of alcohol swab packaging with Vippai's unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional solutions for global healthcare needs.

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