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VIPPAI Single Sachet Wet Wipes Machine: Efficient and Versatile Wet Wipes Manufacturing Solution

As a leading provider of innovative machinery solutions, VIPPAI is excited to introduce our VPD-250 General Speed Right Angle Wet Wipes Machine. Designed for the cosmetics, healthcare, and pharmaceutical industries, this single wet wipes machine is revolutionizing wet wipes production. With its exceptional capabilities, it enables the manufacturing of various wet wipes, including makeup remover wipes, skin cleaning wipes, men's maintenance wipes, women's care wipes, alcohol pads/swabs, and more. Let's explore the features and benefits of VIPPAI wet wipes machine.


Efficient and User-friendly Design

VIPPAI wet wipes machine is equipped with advanced components, including the Taiwan Delta servo motor and Siemens PLC, along with an intelligent touch screen and servo motor control system. This combination ensures a stable run and convenient operation, allowing manufacturers to optimize their production processes. With its adjustable mold, the machine can produce wet tissues within the size range of (40-140)*(40-110) mm (L*W) without the need for mold changes, saving valuable time and resources.

Versatile Packaging Options

Our wet wipes machine offers manufacturers the flexibility to choose between single packs or double packs, simply by replacing the dotted line knife part. This versatility allows businesses to cater to different market demands and packaging preferences. Additionally, the non-woven fabrics used in the production process can be folded according to specific requirements. With up to 10 vertical folds and 4 horizontal folds, manufacturers can create customized wet wipes that meet their customers' needs.

Reliable Packaging and Sealing

The VPD-250 features a four-side sealing design, ensuring reliable packaging and preventing liquid leakage. The adjustable mold is coated with Teflon, making it anti-stick and prolonging the service life of the machine. This innovative sealing mechanism guarantees that the wet wipes remain securely sealed and protected, maintaining their freshness and quality throughout their shelf life. Furthermore, the edging form of the package bag can be customized as either "-" or "v," allowing for branding and aesthetic preferences.

After-sales Service and Technical Support

At VIPPAI, we are committed to providing exemplary after-sales service and technical support to our valued partners. Upon delivery of the wet wipes manufacturing machine, we provide comprehensive installation and operation videos, along with a detailed manual, to ensure a smooth setup and utilization process. Additionally, we offer a one-year warranty on all electrical parts, allowing manufacturers to have peace of mind and confidence in the longevity of our machines. Our team of skilled engineers is readily available to provide professional online suggestions and assistance. In the event that an issue cannot be resolved remotely, we arrange for on-site repairs to minimize downtime and maximize productivity.


With VIPPAI's VPD-250 General Speed Right Angle Wet Wipes Machine, manufacturers can experience efficient and versatile wet wipes production. Enjoy the benefits of its user-friendly design, versatile packaging options, and reliable sealing mechanisms. Partnering with VIPPAI ensures access to exceptional after-sales service and technical support, guaranteeing a seamless manufacturing experience. Choose VIPPAI and elevate your wet wipes production to new heights of efficiency and quality.

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