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Streamline Wet Wipes Production with Vippai's VPD-250 General Speed Right Angle Wet Wipes Machine

In the fast-paced industries of cosmetics, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals, efficient and reliable wet wipes production machine is crucial. Vippai introduces the VPD-250 General Speed Right Angle Wet Wipes Machine, a cutting-edge solution designed to revolutionize wet tissue manufacturing. With a versatile range of applications and a top speed of 110 bags per minute, Vippai's VPD-250 ensures a stable and hygienic production process for makeup remover wipes, skin cleaning wipes, men's maintenance wipes, women's care wipes, alcohol pads, and more. Explore the convenience and productivity of single sachet wet wipes with Vippai wet wipes production machine.


Unparalleled Performance and Versatility


Vippai's VPD-250 is a wet wipes production machine that sets a new standard in performance and versatility. With the capability to produce wet tissues in a range of sizes, from (40-140) * (40-110) mm (L*W), this machine caters to various industry needs without requiring mold changes. Manufacturers can effortlessly switch between single pack and double pack options, enhancing flexibility and meeting diverse packaging requirements.


Whether it's makeup remover wipes, skin cleaning wipes, or specialized care wipes, VPD-250's adjustable mold allows for easy adaptation to different wet tissue types. The machine can handle up to 10 vertical folds and 4 horizontal folds, offering manufacturers the freedom to customize the folding process according to their unique specifications. Moreover, the dual heat seals ensure superior packaging integrity, preventing liquid leakage and maintaining the wet tissues' hygienic properties.


Precision Engineering for Smooth Operations


Vippai's commitment to excellence is evident in the VPD-250's engineering and design. The machine features a reliable Taiwan Delta servo motor and a Siemens PLC, backed by an intelligent touch screen interface. This sophisticated servo motor control system ensures a stable and smooth run, reducing downtime and optimizing productivity. The user-friendly touch screen enables convenient operation and parameter adjustments, enhancing overall efficiency in the production process.


With the VPD-250, wet wipes manufacturing becomes a hassle-free process. Manufacturers can focus on meeting market demands, confident in the machine's ability to deliver consistent and high-quality wet tissues. The edging form of the package bag can be customized with either a "-" or "v" design, adding a touch of personalization to the final product.


Committed After-Sales Support and Warranty


At Vippai, customer satisfaction extends beyond product delivery. The company's dedication to after-sales service and technical support ensures a seamless experience for partners. Upon receiving the wet wipes manufacturing machine, Vippai provides comprehensive installation and operation videos, along with a detailed manual, making sure manufacturers can swiftly set up and operate the machine with ease.


Additionally, Vippai offers a reliable one-year warranty on all electrical parts of its machines. In the rare event of any quality problems within the warranty period, partners are entitled to free repair service. This warranty assurance highlights Vippai's commitment to delivering top-notch products and support, ensuring long-term partnerships built on trust and reliability.




With Vippai's VPD-250 General Speed Right Angle Wet Wipes Machine, manufacturers can streamline their wet wipes production processes and tap into new heights of efficiency and versatility. This cutting-edge machine, equipped with precision engineering and user-friendly controls, caters to various industries, delivering high-quality wet tissues at a remarkable speed of 110 bags per minute. Embrace the convenience and reliability of VPD-250 and elevate your wet wipes manufacturing to a whole new level with Vippai's trusted brand and innovative solutions.

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