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Revolutionizing Face Mask Packaging Pouches with High-Speed Automation

 Experience the benefits of fully automated mask production and packaging, saving valuable labor and ensuring a pollution-free production process. At Vippai, we prioritize practicality, display effect, precision, and user-friendliness, making our face mask packaging pouches the top choice for brands seeking excellence.


By embracing our fully automated mask production and packaging solutions, you can unlock a multitude of benefits. Automation eliminates the need for manual labor-intensive tasks, allowing you to allocate your resources more efficiently. Our advanced machines seamlessly handle the entire production process, from mask creation to packaging, with minimal human intervention. This not only saves you time and labor costs but also enhances productivity, enabling you to meet increasing market demands and stay ahead of the competition.


Streamlined Production Line for Enhanced Efficiency

Vippai's VPD98-4 Facial Mask Making Machine (Bag Giving) boasts a beautiful and generous design, combining practicality and impressive display effects. Our production line is meticulously crafted to optimize efficiency and productivity. From the precise cutting of Japanese imported high-precision knives to the servo settings that ensure stability and ease of use, every aspect is designed to deliver exceptional results. Trust Vippai to provide you with a streamlined production line that enhances the overall efficiency of your face mask packaging process.


Fully Automated Process for Labor Savings

With Vippai's face mask packaging machine, you can say goodbye to extensive manual labor. Our fully automated process eliminates the need for 10-15 individuals, saving valuable human resources for other critical tasks. By leveraging state-of-the-art automation technology, Vippai empowers you to boost productivity and streamline your operations. Embrace the advantages of our high-speed automation and witness significant labor savings that translate into cost efficiency and increased output.


Uncompromised Quality and Pollution-Free Packaging

At Vippai, we prioritize the integrity and quality of your face masks. Our automatic face mask machine ensures that the entire production process is conducted within a shielded environment, guaranteeing a pollution-free outcome. The use of high-end metering pump filling technology with high precision adds an extra layer of assurance, with an accuracy of plus or minus 1 gram. Rest assured that our machine's design and adherence to GMP certification requirements ensure uncompromised quality and adherence to industry standards.



Vippai is your trusted partner for revolutionizing face mask packaging pouches. Our VPD98-4 Facial Mask Making Machine (Bag Giving) combines high-speed automation, streamlined production lines, labor savings, and pollution-free packaging. With our advanced technology and commitment to excellence, Vippai sets the standard for innovative packaging solutions. Experience the benefits of our fully automated process, precise cutting, user-friendly design, and adherence to GMP certification requirements.

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