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Revolutionize Your Production with the Advanced Pad Making Machine

Designed to elevate your production capabilities, our pad making machine is engineered to deliver exceptional performance and efficiency. With its four-side seal technology, high-speed production, and versatile applications, our machine is the perfect solution for the Medical, Household Goods, and Pharmaceutical Industries. Join renowned brands like US BD, UK Medisave, Indian Poly Medicure, and many more who trust Vippai for their pad making needs.



High-Speed Production for Unmatched Efficiency

Vippai's pad making machine is designed to revolutionize your production capabilities. With the ability to output up to 8 pieces of alcohol wipes simultaneously, our machine boosts efficiency and productivity like never before. Operating at a speed of 800-1200 pcs/min with 8 lines of production, our machine ensures that you meet the demands of high-volume production with ease. Experience the power of Vippai's pad making machine and witness a significant increase in your production efficiency.


Four-Side Seal Technology - Ensuring Superior Sealing

When it comes to pad making, superior sealing is crucial to maintain product integrity. Vippai's pad making machine adopts a four-side heat seal technology, ensuring impeccable sealing on all sides. The advanced sealing mechanism guarantees that your alcohol pads are securely sealed, preventing any leaks or contamination. Trust Vippai for a pad making machine that prioritizes product quality and delivers superior sealing capabilities.


Widely Used in Various Industries - Versatile Applications

Vippai's pad making machine has gained widespread recognition in various industries. From the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries to Household Goods, our machine proves its versatility and adaptability. Renowned brands like US BD, UK Medisave, Indian Poly Medicure, and Russian Unicorn Med have chosen Vippai for their pad making needs. Join these industry leaders and experience the reliability, efficiency, and versatility of Vippai's pad making machine.



Vippai's pad making machine is your gateway to elevated production efficiency and unmatched performance. With its high-speed production capabilities, four-side seal technology, and versatile applications, our machine sets the industry standard. Trust Vippai to deliver advanced manufacturing solutions that exceed your expectations. Join renowned brands like US BD, UK Medisave, and Indian Poly Medicure in choosing Vippai for their pad making needs. Elevate your production capabilities and experience the perfect blend of cutting-edge technology and exceptional customer care with Vippai.

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