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Introducing Vippai's VPD-800 Alcohol Wipes Machine: Redefining Alcohol Swab Production

In the ever-evolving healthcare industry, the demand for high-quality alcohol swab pads is on the rise. Vippai presents the cutting-edge VPD-800 Alcohol Pad Machine, a revolutionary solution that streamlines and enhances the production of alcohol swabs. Equipped with state-of-the-art components, such as Package Film, Non-woven Rolls, Automatic Slitting Part, Deviation Correction and Photoelectric Eye Monitoring from Japan Panasonic, Essence Adding with Swiss Gotec Electromagnetic Pump, Four-side Sealing, and Slitter System, VPD-800 promises precision, efficiency, and reliability in alcohol swab manufacturing. Discover how Vippai Alcohol Pad Machine VPD-800 is shaping the future of alcohol pad production.


Versatile Package Film Handling


The Package Film part of VPD-800 is a crucial element that ensures the seamless and accurate placement of the packaging material. With the capability to work with different types of packaging films, the alcohol pad machine accommodates various materials, including compound film, PAPER/PP/PET/PE/ALUMINUM, and more. This versatility enables manufacturers to select the most suitable packaging film to preserve the quality and integrity of alcohol swab pads.


Flexible Non-woven Rolls Configuration


Vippai's VPD-800 offers manufacturers the flexibility to choose between two options for the Non-woven Rolls part. Manufacturers can opt to place 8 small non-woven rolls to produce multiple alcohol pads simultaneously or choose a single large non-woven roll, which will be automatically cut into 8 smaller rolls. This adaptability allows manufacturers to tailor their production process to meet specific demands and optimize efficiency.


Additionally, the Automatic Slitting Part further streamlines the manufacturing process, efficiently cutting a large non-woven fabric roll into 8 smaller rolls, ensuring precision and consistency in the production of alcohol swabs.


Enhanced Precision and Monitoring


The Deviation Correction and Photoelectric Eye Monitoring part, powered by Japan Panasonic technology, plays a critical role in ensuring accurate and precise alcohol swab pad production. The Panasonic photoelectric eye detection system meticulously monitors the front and back of the packaging film, guaranteeing precision in alignment and preventing any deviations during the packaging process.


In the Essence Adding part, VPD-800 adopts a Swiss Gotec Electromagnetic Pump, known for its corrosion resistance when adding alcohol essence. The high precision of the pump ensures accurate control over the liquid volume, resulting in consistent and reliable saturation of alcohol swab pads with essence.


Superior Four-Side Sealing and Slitter System


VPD-800 incorporates a Four-side Sealing feature, ensuring precise heat sealing for each alcohol swab pad. The sealing process safeguards the product's integrity and extends its shelf life, ensuring that each alcohol swab reaches the end-user in optimal condition.


The Slitter System efficiently cuts the alcohol swab pad into 8 pieces, streamlining the production process and achieving a consistent product size and shape.




Vippai's VPD-800 Alcohol Pad Machine is a cutting-edge solution that brings precision, efficiency, and reliability to alcohol swab production. With its versatile package film handling, flexible non-woven rolls configuration, Panasonic-powered monitoring system, and Swiss Gotec Electromagnetic Pump for essence adding, VPD-800 ensures each alcohol swab pad meets the highest quality standards.


Manufacturers can count on Vippai's commitment to excellence and innovation in the healthcare industry, making VPD-800 an indispensable asset for meeting the escalating demand for alcohol swab pads. Invest in Vippai's VPD-800 and experience a new era of streamlined and efficient alcohol swab production, setting the benchmark for the healthcare industry's future.

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