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Enhance Efficiency and Precision with VIPPAI's VPD-250 Wet Wipes Manufacturing Machine

When it comes to wet wipes manufacturing, VIPPAI's VPD-250 Wet Wipes Manufacturing Machine is the ultimate solution for enhancing efficiency and precision. Our company understands the diverse needs of different industries and has designed the VPD-250 machine to cater to those requirements effectively.


Bag Type: 4 Side Seal Right Angle

The VIPPAI Wet Wipes Manufacturing Machine features a 4 Side Seal Right Angle bag type, ensuring secure and leak-proof packaging for wet wipes. This design provides peace of mind to our customers, knowing that their products will maintain their quality and integrity throughout the packaging process.



Taiwan Delta Servo Motor and Siemens PLC for Intelligent Control

The VPD-250 machine incorporates a Taiwan Delta Servo Motor and Siemens PLC, providing intelligent control over the manufacturing process. This advanced technology ensures precise and reliable performance, meeting the highest quality standards set by our customers.


Adjustable Mold for Versatile Wet Tissue Sizes

Our VPD-250 machine is equipped with an adjustable mold, allowing manufacturers to produce wet wipes of various sizes. The mold can accommodate wet tissue sizes ranging from (40-140) *(40-110) mm(L*W). This versatility eliminates the need for frequent mold changes, enhancing operational efficiency.


VIPPAI's Commitment to After-Sales Service and Support

At VIPPAI, we prioritize customer satisfaction and provide comprehensive after-sales service and support to ensure a seamless experience with our VPD-250 machine.


Heat Sealing with Adjustable Mold for Secure Packaging

Our VPD-250 machine utilizes heat sealing with an adjustable mold for secure and reliable packaging. The Teflon coating on the mold prevents sticking, extending its service life and enhancing overall efficiency. Our customers can trust that their wet wipes will be securely packaged and protected.


Printing Date Numbers and Easy Tear System for Product InformationControl

To ensure effective product information control, the VPD-250 machine includes printing date numbers and an easy tear system. Manufacturers can easily print important information such as expiration dates or batch numbers on the packaging, providing valuable details for consumers. Additionally, the easy tear system allows for convenient opening of the wet wipes packaging, enhancing user experience.


Right Angle Device for Accurate Bag Cutting

The VPD-250 machine is equipped with a right angle device for precise and clean bag cutting. This feature ensures that each bag is accurately cut, maintaining the integrity of the packaging and preventing any product wastage. Manufacturers can rely on the VPD-250 machine for consistent and precise bag cutting.


IWAKI Metering Pumps for High-Precision Essence Adding

For wet wipes that require the addition of essence or other liquids, the VPD-250 machine incorporates IWAKI metering pumps. These high-precision pumps ensure accurate and controlled dispensing of essences, maintaining the desired concentration and quality of the wet wipes. Our customers can trust that their wet wipes will consistently deliver the intended benefits.




VIPPAI's VPD-250 Wet Wipes Manufacturing Machine is a game-changer in the industry, offering enhanced efficiency and precision for manufacturers. With its versatile features, seamless operation, and comprehensive after-sales support, our machine empowers our customers to meet the demand for high-quality wet wipes. From its adjustable mold and customizable non-woven fabric folding to its intelligent control systems and secure packaging capabilities, the VPD-250 machine is designed to optimize productivity and deliver exceptional results. Experience the VIPPAI advantage and elevate your wet wipes production with the state-of-the-art VPD-250 machine. Trust VIPPAI to be your reliable partner in wet wipes manufacturing.

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