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Unveiling the Specifications of Vippai's VPD-800 Alcohol Pad Swab Making Machine: Enhancing Hygiene Practices

Welcome to the world of Vippai, where innovation meets hygiene! Today, we are thrilled to unveil the groundbreaking specifications of our latest creation: the VPD-800 Alcohol Pad Swab Making Machine. In a time when cleanliness and sanitation have become paramount, this state-of-the-art alcohol swab pad making machine is set to transform hygiene practices. Join us as we delve into its impressive features and unrivaled capabilities of Vippai alcohol swab pad making machine that will elevate your cleaning routine to new heights. Get ready to witness a cutting-edge creation in the fight against germs – let's dive right in!



Production Capacity

At Vippai, we understand the importance of production capacity for our clients in the medical industry. That's why our VPD-Alcohol Pad Swab Making Machine is designed with high precision and cutting-edge technology to deliver optimal production capacity while maintaining high-quality standards.

The VPD-Alcohol Pad Swab Making Machine has a maximum production capacity of up to 800-1200 packs per minute, which translates to approximately 48,000-72,000 pads in an hour. This impressive speed allows for high-volume production without compromising on the quality and consistency of each individual pad.

One of the key features that contribute to this exceptional production capacity is our state-of-the-art conveyor system. The machine is equipped with multiple conveyors that work seamlessly together to ensure a smooth flow of materials throughout the process. This not only increases efficiency but also reduces downtime due to material jams or blockages.


Dimensions and Weight

The dimensions and weight of any machine are crucial aspects to consider when evaluating its functionality and suitability for a particular purpose. This is especially true for the Vippai VPD - Alcohol Pad Swab Making Machine, as it plays a crucial role in enhancing hygiene practices.

The overall dimensions of the VPD machine are 4370mm (length) x 1700mm (width) x 1700mm (height). This compact size makes it ideal for use in small to medium-sized spaces, such as clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies. Additionally, the machine's height is adjustable, allowing for customization according to the user's preference.

Moreover, the lightweight design of the VPD machine adds to its portability and ease of use. The total weight of this machine is approximately 1100kg, making it easy to move around and set up in different locations within a facility. This feature is particularly beneficial for healthcare professionals who may need to use the machine in multiple rooms or areas.



Our VPD-800 Alcohol Pad Swab Making Machine by Vippai is a groundbreaking product that aims to enhance hygiene practices in various industries. With its advanced technology and precise specifications, this machine can produce high-quality alcohol pad swabs at a faster rate, while ensuring safety and cleanliness. Invest in this innovative machine today and take your hygiene practices to the next level!

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