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Top 3 Things about Eye Patch Making Machine You Should Know

Eye patches have gained significant popularity in recent years, suggesting that people are seeking them in large numbers. But manufacturers of these patches are still struggling to make high-quality products. Typical eye patch-making machines are unable to carry out efficient production due to a variety of reasons. Due to the increasing consumer demands, any manufacturer who is willing to fix the persisting production issues in their processes can gain a significant edge in the market.


Current Issues of Eye Pad Machines on the Market

Currently, eye patch-making machines are having the following issues.

  1. Instable Operation:

One of the primary concerns with traditional eye patch-making machines is their tendency for unstable operation. This instability results in irregular product output, leading to size, shape, and adhesive strength inconsistencies.

  1. Liquid Leakage:

Liquid leakage is another significant issue faced by eye patch-making machines. Most conventional machines fail to achieve a secure seal during the filling process, leading to leakage of the liquid component used in the patches. This leakage not only compromises the quality of the product but also results in material wastage and increased production costs.

  1. Manual Adjustment of Packaging Film:

Traditional eye patch-making machines often require manual adjustment of the packaging film. This time-consuming process introduces the potential for errors and inconsistencies, which impacts productivity and overall efficiency issues.

  1. Lack of Flexibility:

Another limitation of conventional eye patch-making machines is their inability to manufacture different types of eye patches. Many older models are designed to produce specific types and sizes of eye patches, making it difficult for manufacturers to diversify their product offerings.


How VIPPAI Solves These Problems

While there are a lot of problems being faced by eye patching machine manufacturers, there's a way around it: VIPPAI comes in.

VIPPAI addresses all the persisting challenges in eye pad production with its innovative VPD300E Eye Patch-Making Machine, thus manufacturing sterile eye pads. This advanced machine incorporates several features and technologies to enhance efficiency, precision, and flexibility in the production process.

Here is how VIPPAI solves these problems.

  1. Yaskawa Servo Motor:

The VPD300E Eye Pad Machine is equipped with a Japanese Yaskawa servo motor. This motor offers superior performance and reliability, ensuring precise machine operation control. Through a user-friendly touchscreen interface, operators can easily adjust parameters and control the text-writing process, which makes this machine different from others.

  1. Reciprocating Heat Sealing Mechanism:

To address the pressing issue of sealing quality and efficiency, the VPD300E Eye Pad Machine utilizes a reciprocating heat-sealing mechanism that provides sufficient time for large-area sealing, resulting in strong, smooth, firm, and visually appealing seals. Besides, this technology is compatible with various materials, which allows versatile sealed packaging options.


  1. Automatic Alarm and Stop for Lack of Film:

This feature of the VPD300E eye patch-making machine prevents the machine from operating without the required packaging film, minimizing wastage and ensuring uninterrupted production. Additionally, the machine incorporates a deviation correction system that automatically corrects any misalignment through two cursor point tracking, thus ensuring accurate positioning, calibration, and stable operation.

  1. Fast Mold Switching and Wide Applicability:

One of the notable benefits of the VPD300E Eye Pad Machine is its ability to facilitate fast mold switching. This feature allows manufacturers to conveniently switch between various packaging specifications, which makes this machine highly flexible and adaptable.


Advantages of Choosing VIPPAI Machinery Group

Choosing the VIPPAI machinery group comes with the following benefits:

  • 19 years of experience, which speaks volumes about ourexpertise in the field.
  • Direct factory selling, which helps customers in acquiring cost-effective solutions.
  • You can customize the machines you want based on your requirements.
  • We have numerous professional and technical certifications, which suggests its dominance and excellence in the manufacturing processes.
  • We have established strong partnerships with globally renowned manufacturers and suppliers, including brands from America, Japan, Korea, Canada, and many other countries.



Wrapping Up

We at VIPPAI Machinery Group distinguish ourselves in the packaging machine industry through our various standout points. With a reputation for reliability and innovation, VIPPAI provides customers with tailored solutions, competitive pricing, and a commitment to their satisfaction. By choosing us, you gain access to top-quality machinery and personalized service, which makes us a trusted and preferred choice in the market.


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