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Vippai's VPD-200: Redefining Efficiency in Cosmetic Facial Mask Making

In the world of cosmetic manufacturing, efficiency and precision are paramount to meet the ever-growing demand for high-quality products. Vippai's VPD-200 Cosmetic Facial Mask Making Machine is a cutting-edge solution designed to revolutionize the process of creating facial masks. With its exceptional capabilities, this Vippai cosmetic facial mask making machine ensures precise filling, seamless sealing, and efficient production, enabling cosmetic companies to elevate their manufacturing processes to new heights.


Versatility - Accommodating Diverse Packing Materials


The VPD-200 stands out for its versatility in handling various packing materials. From CPP, PE, PET, BOPP compound film to aluminum foil film and paper film, this machine caters to an extensive range of packaging options. The flexibility to work with different materials empowers cosmetic manufacturers to customize their facial masks and meet diverse consumer preferences, enhancing brand appeal and loyalty.


Precision and Speed - Boosting Production Efficiency


With a packing speed of 3000-3600 bags per hour, Vippai's VPD-200 is a true productivity powerhouse. It efficiently fills facial mask essences or liquids with an accuracy of +1ml, ensuring consistent and precise dosing. The liquid filling capacity spans from 0 to 50ml, accommodating various formulations. The machine's essence/liquid addition accuracy is optimized by the CREST technology, delivering top-notch quality with every product.


User-Friendly Design - Seamless Operation


Vippai's commitment to a seamless user experience is evident in the VPD-200's user-friendly design. The machine is equipped with a touch control screen, enabling easy operation and intuitive control of the production process. Its automatic alarm system promptly detects and notifies operators of any faults, ensuring efficient troubleshooting and minimal downtime. The machine's compact size of 2010×1070×2015 mm and a weight of 1100 kg make it a space-efficient addition to any cosmetic production facility.




The VPD-200 Cosmetic Facial Mask Making Machine by Vippai is a game-changer in the cosmetic manufacturing industry. Its versatility in handling diverse packing materials, precision in essence/liquid filling, and impressive production speed redefine the efficiency and quality standards for facial mask production.


By incorporating Vippai's cutting-edge technology, cosmetic companies can elevate their manufacturing processes, accelerate production without compromising quality, and meet the ever-evolving demands of consumers. Embrace the VPD-200 and embark on a journey towards enhanced productivity and success in the cosmetic facial mask market.


With Vippai's commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, the VPD-200 ensures that every facial mask is crafted to perfection, delighting customers and establishing brand excellence in the competitive cosmetic industry.

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