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Vippai 4-side Seal Cosmetic Packaging: Fresh Ideas for Fragrance Presentation

Vippai has been a trusted supplier of high-quality 4-side seal cosmetic packaging machines for over a decade. Our innovative packaging solutions help cosmetic companies like yours produce an unforgettable impression and boost sales. Our Vippai 4-side seal machine is ideal for packaging cosmetics of various forms such as makeup remover wipes sheet masks, sample sachets and more. Let's explore Vippai cosmetic packaging machines!


Precision and Efficiency      

The machine features a smart control panel for one-button production and easy product changeover. The 150 -600mm width range caters to a diverse array of consumer and professional packaging needs. The Vippai 4-side cosmetics face mask making machine allows you to create stand-out and aesthetically pleasing cosmetic packages that improve shelf appeal.


Strength and Seal Integrity       

With customized seal lengths, colors and designs, you can produce elegantly shaped pouches for powder compacts, sample sachets and other cosmetics. This helps convey your brand's uniqueness and differentiated value proposition.Our machines are designed with a double folding technique that provides extra strength to seals.


Total Packaging Automation  

Leverage intelligent features like the tamping head and programmable weight dosing functionality to increase packaging precision and reduce product wastage. Integration with end-of-line equipment like carton packers is also possible to automate your entire packaging line.


Maximizing Sales Impact         

The Vippai 4's 100-120 pouches per minute production speed ensures an optimal return on your packaging investment. Did you know that innovative packaging can increase product trial? Contact our sales team today to learn how we can help you design customized cosmetic packaging solutions that capture attention, exude luxury and help boost conversion rates.

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