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Revolutionizing Packaging with the Automatic Packaging Line

With multiple connection options and a focus on labor-saving solutions, this production line offers stability, high output, and enhanced profitability. Join us as we explore the features and benefits of our cutting-edge automatic packaging line, aimed at streamlining operations and maximizing your bottom line.


Stability is a key factor in any production line, and our automatic packaging line delivers exceptional stability and reliability. With precise control systems and robust construction, our machines ensure consistent and accurate packaging performance. The line is engineered to handle a wide range of products and packaging materials, maintaining stability even at high speeds. This reliability minimizes downtime and production interruptions, allowing for continuous operation and maximizing output. With our packaging line, you can rely on stable and consistent performance, ensuring customer satisfaction and maintaining a competitive edge in the market.


 Versatile Connection Options for Customized Efficiency

At Vippai, we understand that every customer has unique production needs. That's why our VPD-800 Full Auto Alcohol Pad/Swab Machine Production Line offers versatile connection options. You can choose between connecting 1 alcohol pad machine with 1 carton box packing machine, 2 alcohol pad machines with 1 carton box packing machine, or 6 alcohol pad machines with 1 carton box packing machine. This customization ensures that the production line aligns perfectly with your specific requirements, optimizing efficiency and productivity.


Labor-Saving and Profit-Boosting Solution

Our automatic packaging line is designed to release labor and minimize costs. By streamlining the packaging process, we help you overcome labor-related challenges and reduce time costs. The result is increased profitability and improved bottom line performance. With Vippai's VPD-800 production line, you can enjoy the benefits of an efficient, labor-saving solution that elevates your packaging operations to new heights.


Reliable Performance and Safety Assurance

Vippai takes pride in delivering exceptional quality and reliability. Our VPD-800 Full Auto Alcohol Pad/Swab Machine Production Line operates with stability, ensuring consistent performance throughout the production process. With a high output speed that can reach 800-1200 pcs/min (speed varies based on alcohol pad size), you can count on our production line to meet your demands efficiently. Moreover, our machines strictly adhere to industry standards, and the main electrical parts undergo rigorous testing. The inclusion of a glass cover ensures safe and clean operation, prioritizing both operator safety and product integrity.



Vippai is your trusted partner in revolutionizing packaging processes with our automatic packaging line. The VPD-800 Full Auto Alcohol Pad/Swab Machine Production Line offers versatile connection options for customized efficiency. Experience the labor-saving and profit-boosting benefits of our innovative solution, which releases labor, reduces costs, and increases profitability. Count on the reliable performance and safety assurance of our production line, designed to meet high-output demands while prioritizing operator safety.

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