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Reliable and Versatile Packing Equipment for Optimal Results

With impressive features such as a speed of 100-150 bags per minute, adjustable mold for various sizes, and a focus on precision and productivity, our packing equipment sets a new standard in the industry. Trust Vippai to deliver exceptional results and drive the efficiency of your operations.


 Intelligent and Accurate Performance with Yaskawa Technology

At Vippai, we understand the importance of intelligence and accuracy in packing equipment. That's why our VPD-250D machine adopts Japan Yaskawa servo motor and Yaskawa Motion Controller. This advanced technology not only enhances the intelligence and accuracy of the machine but also improves overall productivity. With a speed range of 100-150 bags per minute, you can rely on our packing equipment to efficiently meet your production demands while maintaining precision and consistency.


Versatility and Flexibility for Different Wet Wipe Sizes

The VPD-250D machine is designed to accommodate various wet wipe sizes to cater to your specific requirements. With an adjustable mold, it can produce wet wipes ranging from (40-140) (40-110) mm (LW). This flexibility eliminates the need for multiple machines, streamlining your operations and optimizing resources. Whether you need disinfectant wipes, alcohol pads/swabs, glass lens wipes, feminine care wipes, male delay wipes, or makeup remover wipes, our packing equipment ensures you have the versatility to meet the demands of diverse products.


Enhanced Product Options and Efficiency

Vippai's VPD-250D machine offers enhanced product options and improved efficiency. When outputting finished wipes, you have the choice of single pack or double pack by simply replacing the dotted line knife part. This flexibility allows you to cater to different market preferences and packaging requirements effortlessly. Additionally, the machine enables up to 10 vertical folds and 4 horizontal folds, providing you with the freedom to adjust and customize the folding process according to your non-woven fabric needs. The right angle knife design not only reduces costs but also ensures high productivity, making it a cost-effective solution for your business.



Vippai stands as your reliable source for advanced packing equipment that drives efficiency in your operations. With our VPD-250D High Speed Single Piece Wet Wipes Machine, you benefit from intelligent and accurate performance, thanks to Japan Yaskawa servo motor and Yaskawa Motion Controller. The versatility of our machine allows you to produce wet wipes in various sizes, catering to different product requirements. With options for single pack or double pack output, customizable folding, and a cost-effective right angle knife design, our packing equipment enhances product options and efficiency. Trust Vippai to provide you with reliable and advanced solutions for your packing needs.

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