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Meet the Cutting-Edge VPD98-4 Facial Mask Making Machine by Vippai: Elevate Your Cosmetic Packaging

In the fast-paced world of cosmetic manufacturing, efficiency, speed, and innovation are paramount to stay ahead of the competition. Vippai presents the revolutionary VPD98-4 Cosmetic Automatic Packaging Machine, a high-speed, high-output marvel that is designed to elevate your cosmetic packaging process to new heights. Boasting exceptional features and cutting-edge technology, this Vippai automatic packaging machine is the ultimate solution for cosmetics brands seeking top-quality and efficient mask packaging.


Unmatched Output and Versatility


The VPD98-4 is all about productivity. With an impressive speed of 6000-9000 bags per minute, this facial mask making machine redefines high output. Swiftly handling all types of bags, including special-shaped bags like teardrop-shaped, semicircle-shaped, and boots-shaped, the VPD98-4 offers unparalleled versatility. Cosmetics brands can now cater to diverse packaging needs, showcasing their products in unique and eye-catching ways.


Transparent and Intelligent Packaging


The VPD98-4 ensures a transparent and visible packaging process, providing manufacturers with real-time insights into their production line. Its intelligent monitoring system guarantees maximum safety and efficiency in mask packaging, giving you the peace of mind to focus on delivering the best products to your customers.


Streamlined Efficiency and Cost Savings


Automating mask production and packaging with the VPD98-4 saves 10-15 people's labor, streamlining your operations and reducing costs significantly. The machine's balcony design, drive station, and work station separation ensure a safe and reliable manufacturing environment. Moreover, the high-end metering pump offers precise filling accuracy of plus or minus 1 gram, ensuring consistent and efficient mask production.


GMP-Certified Excellence


Vippai's commitment to excellence is evident in the VPD98-4's compliance with GMP certification. The entire production line showcases a beautiful and practical design, optimizing both functionality and display appeal. With Japanese imported high-precision cutting knives, this machine delivers accuracy and durability, ensuring each mask is flawlessly cut and presented.




The VPD98-4 Facial Mask Making Machine by Vippai is a game-changer in the world of cosmetic automatic packaging. Its unmatched output, versatility, and efficiency elevate your mask production to new heights. From transparent and intelligent packaging to cost savings and GMP-certified excellence, this machine offers everything you need to stay competitive in the dynamic cosmetics market.


Join the ranks of industry leaders like Korea Mediheal, JAYJUN Cosmetic, and New Zealand Essano by embracing the cutting-edge technology of Vippai's VPD98-4. Boost your brand's reputation, deliver top-quality products, and stay ahead in the cosmetic industry with the VPD98-4 Facial Mask Making Machine by Vippai. Revolutionize your cosmetic packaging and take your brand to greater heights with Vippai's innovative solutions.

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