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Introducing VPD98-4: The Cutting-Edge Automatic Face Mask Machine by Vippai

In the ever-evolving world of cosmetic manufacturing, speed, efficiency, and innovation are key factors that can set a brand apart from its competitors. Vippai brings you the state-of-the-art VPD98-4 Automatic Face Mask Machine, a game-changing solution that elevates your face mask production to unparalleled levels. With impressive features and advanced technology, this Vippai automatic face mask machine is designed to meet the demanding needs of modern cosmetics brands, delivering top-quality masks at a remarkable speed.


Versatile Packaging Options


The VPD98-4 offers versatile packaging options, accommodating both flat bags and special bags. No matter the shape or style you envision for your cosmetic face masks, this machine has got you covered. The ability to cater to various packaging styles allows brands to create captivating and unique designs that stand out on the shelves, grabbing the attention of consumers.


Cutting-Edge Packaging Material


To ensure the utmost quality and durability, the VPD98-4 is designed to work with a wide range of composite materials, including composite film, aluminized film, polyethylene, and polypropylene. This choice of materials guarantees that your face masks are securely and attractively packaged, safeguarding the integrity of your products and enhancing their shelf appeal.


Impressive Speed and Precision


The VPD98-4 is a true workhorse, boasting a remarkable packaging speed of 6000-9000 bags per minute. This impressive output enables you to meet high-demand requirements and deliver a constant supply of face masks to the market. Moreover, the machine's liquid addition accuracy of +1ml ensures that the essence or liquid content in each mask is precisely measured, providing consistent and reliable results.


Reliable Power and Sturdy Build


With a power supply of 380V 50/60Hz and 32Kw, the VPD98-4 is designed for high performance and efficiency. Its robust construction and sturdy build, weighing 11000Kg, guarantee stable operation even during intensive production runs. The machine's size of 14500mm×2800mm×2200mm provides ample space for seamless operation and easy maintenance.




The VPD98-4 Automatic Face Mask Machine by Vippai is a cutting-edge solution that addresses the unique challenges faced by cosmetics brands in the face mask production process. With versatile packaging options, advanced materials compatibility, and an impressive speed of up to 9000 bags per minute, this machine empowers brands to stay ahead in the competitive market.


Experience the power of innovation and precision with VPD98-4, and witness your cosmetic face mask production reach new heights. As a trusted name in the industry, Vippai ensures that its machines are equipped with the latest technology and the highest quality standards.


Elevate your brand's reputation and deliver top-quality face masks with the VPD98-4 Automatic Face Mask Machine by Vippai. Embrace the future of cosmetics manufacturing and invest in the industry's most advanced and reliable face mask production solution. Partner with Vippai and unlock a world of possibilities for your cosmetics brand.

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