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Facial Mask Making Machine: High-Speed Production and Unmatched Efficiency

The facial mask making machine by Vippai is a cutting-edge solution designed to revolutionize the production of facial masks. With our high output and remarkable flexibility, this automatic machine offers unparalleled efficiency and versatility in mask packaging. Backed by a roster of esteemed clients and a commitment to after-sales support, Vippai ensures a seamless experience for manufacturers seeking to streamline their operations. Let's explore the features, benefits, and after-sales services offered by the Vippai facial mask making machine.


High-Speed Production and Flexibility:


The VPD98-4 machine boasts an impressive output, capable of reaching speeds of 100-150 bags per minute. This high-speed production enables manufacturers to meet the demands of a dynamic market efficiently. Moreover, the machine's versatility shines through our ability to handle various bag shapes, including teardrop-shaped, semicircle-shaped, boots-shaped, and more. With this level of adaptability, the VPD98-4 machine caters to the diverse packaging needs of different mask formulations, ensuring a seamless and efficient production process.


Transparent and Intelligent Packaging Process:


Vippai's VPD98-4 machine offers a transparent and visible packaging process, allowing manufacturers to monitor and ensure the quality of each mask. Equipped with an intelligent monitoring system, the machine prioritizes safety and efficiency during the packaging process. This intelligent system guarantees maximum safety performance while maintaining high production efficiency, providing manufacturers with peace of mind and optimal results.


Trusted by Esteemed Clients:


Vippai's VPD98-4 machine has garnered trust and recognition from renowned cosmetic brands worldwide. Collaborations with industry leaders such as Korea Mediheal, JAYJUN Cosmetic, New Zealand Essano, US Yesto, Poland Marion Sp. z o.o, and UK Egg Cream Mask demonstrate the machine's reliability and performance. By choosing Vippai's machine, manufacturers align themselves with a trusted partner and gain access to a network of successful cosmetic brands.


Benefits of the facial mask making machine:


- Streamlined and visually appealing production line with practicality and display effect.

- Fully automated mask production and packaging, reducing labor requirements by 10-15 people.

- Pollution-free production process within a shielded environment, ensuring mask quality.

- Japanese imported high-precision cutting knives for accuracy and durability.

- Easy-to-use machine with servo settings for stable operation and efficient control.

- Balcony design with separate drive and work stations for enhanced safety and reliability.

- High-end metering pump for precise filling, achieving a margin of error within 1 gram.

- Fully compliant with GMP certification requirements, ensuring product quality and safety.


After-Sales Service and Technical Support:


Vippai not only provides high-quality cosmetic facial mask making machines but also offers reliable after-sales service and technical support. Upon delivery, partners receive installation and operation videos, along with a comprehensive machine manual to facilitate seamless usage. The VPD98-4 machine is backed by a one-year warranty on all electrical parts, allowing for free repairs if any quality issues arise. Vippai's team of experienced engineers is readily available to provide professional online support and, if required, arrange on-site repairs.




The facial mask making machine by Vippai is a game-changer in the cosmetics manufacturing industry. With our high-speed production, remarkable flexibility, and commitment to after-sales support, Vippai empowers manufacturers to streamline their operations and meet market demands efficiently. By investing in the VPD98-4 machine, manufacturers align themselves with excellence, reliability, and a trusted network of successful cosmetic brands. Experience the unparalleled efficiency and production capabilities offered by Vippai's facial mask making machine and elevate your manufacturing processes to new heights of success.

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