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Enhancing Efficiency and Precision with our Non-Woven Alcohol Swab Making Machine

Welcome to Vippai, your trusted partner in cutting-edge automation solutions. In this article, we are delighted to introduce our revolutionary non-woven alcohol swab making machine, designed to streamline production processes and deliver outstanding results. With a strong focus on efficiency and precision, our machine offers advanced features such as folding capabilities, strict adherence to quality standards for all main electrical parts, and a glass cover for safe and clean operation. Join us as we explore the remarkable features and benefits of our state-of-the-art equipment.

Non-Woven Rolls: Versatile and Efficient Production

Our non-woven alcohol swab making machine provides manufacturers with flexible options for material utilization. The non-woven material can be folded in half or twice, allowing for efficient use of resources and maximizing production output. Manufacturers can choose to put 8 small rolls to make alcohol pads or opt for a single big roll that will be cut into 8 rolls. This versatility ensures optimal utilization of the non-woven fabric, reducing waste and increasing overall efficiency.


Precision and Reliability with Automated Slitting

To ensure precise and consistent cutting of the non-woven fabric, our machine features an automatic slitting part. This component automatically cuts one big roll of non-woven fabric into 8 rolls with remarkable accuracy. By eliminating the need for manual cutting, manufacturers can achieve uniformity in product dimensions, resulting in high-quality alcohol pads. This automated slitting process saves time, improves productivity, and enhances overall production efficiency.


Accurate Packaging with Deviation Correction and Photoelectric Eye Monitoring

Packaging plays a crucial role in the protection and presentation of alcohol pads. Our non-woven alcohol swab making machine incorporates Japan's Panasonic photoelectric eye detection technology, ensuring precise alignment of the packaging film. This cutting-edge feature enables accurate deviation correction and monitoring, guaranteeing that the front and back of the packaging film are aligned perfectly. The result is flawlessly packaged alcohol pads, meeting the highest quality standards and enhancing customer satisfaction.



In conclusion, Vippai's non-woven alcohol swab making machine revolutionizes the production process by combining efficiency, precision, and advanced features. With the ability to fold non-woven material in half or twice, manufacturers can optimize material utilization and reduce waste. Our machine strictly adheres to quality standards for all main electrical parts, ensuring reliability and longevity. The inclusion of a glass cover ensures safe and clean operation, promoting a hygienic production environment. From automated slitting for precise cutting to deviation correction and photoelectric eye monitoring for accurate packaging, our machine delivers exceptional results. Experience the power of automation and explore the potential of our automatic box machine today!

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