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Boost Productivity and Accuracy with the VIPPAI Facial Mask Filling and Sealing Machine

In the competitive world of cosmetic manufacturing, efficiency and precision are vital to meet customer demands and maintain a competitive edge. We, VIPPAI, a renowned provider of cutting-edge packaging solutions, are proud to introduce our Facial Mask Machine. This advanced machine is designed to optimize the filling and sealing process of facial masks, enhancing productivity, and ensuring impeccable product quality. Let's delve into the key features and advantages of the VIPPAI Facial Mask Machine.


High-speed Production

The VIPPAI Facial Mask Filling and Sealing Machine boasts an impressive production speed of 3000-3600 bags per hour, enabling swift and efficient manufacturing. With its automated bag opening, liquid filling, sealing, date printing, and finished product output capabilities, this machine significantly reduces manual labor and accelerates production cycles. By harnessing the power of automation, you can boost productivity, meet tight deadlines, and cater to the ever-increasing market demand for facial masks.

Accurate and Versatile Operation

This machine is meticulously designed to handle diverse packaging requirements, accommodating prefabricated bags of varying specifications, such as four-side sealing bags, special-shaped bags, and stand-up bags. The VIPPAI Facial Mask Filling and Sealing Machine ensures precise liquid filling with an accuracy of +1ml for essence or liquid addition. Its adjustable embossing feature allows for easy identification of lot numbers, ensuring traceability and compliance with regulatory standards. With its versatility and accuracy, this machine empowers you to cater to diverse customer preferences and maintain consistent product quality.

Reliable After-sales Service

At VIPPAI, we prioritize the success of our partners. Alongside providing top-quality facial mask filling and sealing machines, we offer comprehensive after-sales service and technical support. Upon delivery of the VIPPAI Facial Mask Filling and Sealing Machine, we provide installation and operation videos, as well as a detailed machine manual to guide you through setup and operation. Moreover, we offer a one-year warranty on all electrical parts, providing prompt assistance and free repair services if any quality issues arise within the warranty period. Our team of experienced engineers is readily available to provide professional online support and troubleshooting. In cases where the issue cannot be resolved remotely, we arrange for on-site repairs, ensuring minimal disruption to your production processes.

Easy Maintenance and Compliance

The VIPPAI Facial Mask Filling and Sealing Machine is constructed using high-quality 304 stainless steel, guaranteeing durability, easy cleaning, and compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. The machine's design prioritizes easy maintenance, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. The heat sealing device, coated with Teflon, provides exceptional seal performance while also protecting the mold mesh and prolonging its service life. The MCGS touch screen interface ensures user-friendly operation, and the language settings can be customized to suit your preferences.


The VIPPAI Facial Mask Filling and Sealing Machine is a game-changer in the cosmetic industry, revolutionizing the production process and enabling businesses to boost productivity and maintain impeccable product quality. With its high-speed operation, versatile functionality, reliable after-sales support, and compliance with industry standards, this machine is an invaluable asset for cosmetic manufacturers. Trust VIPPAI to be your partner in success as you optimize your facial mask production, enhance efficiency, and deliver outstanding products to your customers.

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