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VIPPAI is innovating, in order to meet the needs of customers and the market, we will never stop.


VIPPAI Improved stability and speed of machine, designed a three- or four-fold inner bilateral structure, and made the high-speed machine with rounded corners.


VIPPAI launched a new generation of four-side seal wet wipes packaging machine, combined with the principle of optoelectronics, fast speed and stable sealing.


VIPPAI launched a mold-free machine, which can make different size of packages without changing the mold.


VIPPAI launched multi-axis and full servo folding precise control.  


VIPPAI launched half-cover fully automatic four-side seal packaging machine, using the automatic manipulator to output, which is safe.


Combined with the market demand, VIPPAI launched a simple and non-hooded special wet wipes machine for civilian wet wipes, it can be used for flat cutting and tooth cutting.


VIPPAI launched the fully enclosed production cover machine, and the double-layer four-side seal packaging machine was launched in the second half of the year.


VIPPAI launched a new generation of four-side seal and packaging machine for outer cover, it is stable and reduced noise.


VIPPAI launched rear-mounted cloth rack structure, and designed three-fold and four-fold (national invention patent).