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Under Eye Patches Making Machine---- VIPPAI NEW Hot Project

Hot Global Market of Under Eye Patches Mask

In today's society, the pace of work and life is accelerating, and working overtime and socializing to stay up late has become the norm. Eye care is being considered an integral part of skin care by more consumers, whether for eye protection or anti-aging, the eye care market is expanding rapidly. The Global Eye Skin Care Market is projected to be US$ 20,033.4 in 2020 to reach US$ 36,817.0 by 2030.

VIPPAI Eye Patches Machine Makes Two Types of Eye Patches

There are two parts of eye patches that VIPPAI Eye Patches Machine can make. One is eye pad for protecting eyes and relieving fatigue. It can prevent eye diseases, relieve eye fatigue, moisturize eyes and relieve dry eyes. Another is under eye patches for reducing the appearance of fine lines around the eyes and delay aging.

*Eye Pad Machine

In recent years, the continuous penetration of the Internet, the popularization of electronic products, the excessive use of human eyes has become almost crazy, and the visual fatigue of residents is more common. Eye sub-health problems such as eye astringency, swelling and pain have gradually become the norm. VIPPAI launched VPD-300E Eye Pad Machine and cooperated with HAOSHILI the one of biggest technology companies engaged in eye care research and development and sales.

*Under Eye Patches Making Machine

With the rise of beauty economy and the general trend of refined skin care procedures, consumers are paying more and more attention to topical care, which has driven the rapid expansion of the eye care market. On the other hand, the rise of concepts such as "all in one" and "lazy economy" also provides more ideas for the innovation of eye care brands. There are more and more products with portable skin care attributes, and the market competition is becoming more and more intense. VIPPAI Eye Patch Making Machine makes one sachet eye patch that meets public needs, which is very popular among Europe. Here is the video link shows the production line of eye mask.


Eye care is gaining market share, both in cosmetics and healthcare industry. VIPPAI Eye Patch Making Machine can both meet manufacturer needs. One Eye Patch Making Machine can make eye pad as well as under eye patches. With the opening of the epidemic and the recovery of the economy, it is imperative to take the lead in occupying the market. VIPPAI Eye Patch Making Machine will help you do it!