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Interesting Production Process----Making Alcohol Swab by VIPPAI Alcohol Swab Machine

What’s the alcohol swab?
Alcohol swab, aka alcohol prep pads or alcohol wipes. It normally uses in medical and commodity Industry, it can use for skin disinfection, glass lens cleaning, nail polish removing, product sterilization and so on.

What do we need when making alcohol swab?
Raw material: package film, non-woven fabric and liquid.
*Package film: compound film, PAPER/PP/PET/PE/ALUMINUM film etc.
*Non-woven GSM: 30-80g/m2 Non-woven (Spunlace, Spunbond, cotton)
*Liquid: We usually adopt 70%-75% or so medical alcohol solution.

How to make alcohol swab?
Here is the video shows the interesting and simple production process of alcohol prep pads on VIPPAI Alcohol Swab Machine.
Production process: package film----color code detect device for tracking color code on the film----folding the non-woven fabric and adding the liquid----4 sides heat sealing the package----finished alcohol swab output.

What’s the difference between VPD250 & VPD800 in alcohol pads making?
VIPPAI has two machines VPD250 & VPD800 for making alcohol pads. We use VPD250 Wipes Machine for making all types of wipes(makeup remover wipes, alcohol swabs etc) in the beginning. With the increase of business production demand, we update the technology and increase speed, launching the new machine VPD800 dedicated to the production of alcohol swabs.

Difference between these two alcohol swab machine:
*Speed: VPD250 wipes machine can reach at 100-150 bags/min(It can make 2 bags at the same time), VPD800 Alcohol Swab Machine can reach at 800-1200 bags/min.(This machine can make 8 bags at the same time)
*VPD800 adopts Swiss Gotec Electromagnetic Pump that is high accuracy and strong corrosion resistance. It’s good for the production of alcohol prep pads.
*Heat sealing method: VPD250 uses normal 4 sides sealing device, VPD800 uses roller 4 sides sealing device that is more faster.

Why choose our alcohol swab pads packing machine?
Professional, Strength, Quality Assurance are what we own.
How to solve after-sales problems of machine is what customers are most worried about. First of all, we have a professional technical and after-sales team to help manufacturers solve machine’s problem.
Then, we has made wipes machine since 2003. During 19 years, we keep upgrading machines to provide stable, high speed, good quality machine for customers.
What’s more, many famous enterprises choose us is the recognition of us. US BD, UK Medisave, Indian Poly Medicure, Russian Unicorn Med, Indonesian Arista, Chinese Yuwell, Chinese PurCotton etc are all our partners.