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A Brief Review of Single Sachet Wet Wipes Machine in Weipai Machinery

There are so many types of wipes machine, such as multi-pack wet wipes machine, bottled wet wipes machine, single sachet wet wipes machine.About single sachet piece wet wipes machine, there are two types, one is three sides wet wipes making machine, another is four sides wet wipes making machine. Weipai(VIPPAI) Machinery Co.,Ltd mainly produces 4 sides wet wipes tissue making machine.

How should Weipai Machinery develop in this gradually depressed market after 2020?
To be honest, wet wipes machine is very hot during 2020. Nowadays, with the liberalization of foreign policies on the epidemic situation, the heat of the wet wipe tissue machine is gradually decreasing.
However, Weipai(VIPPAI) Single Sachet Wet Wipes Machine is not only suitable for medical industry, but also for beauty & health & daily necessities industry. It is a multiple wet wipes machine, which can make alcohol swabs, alcohol pads, disinfecting wipes(medical), makeup remover wipes(we cooperate with Florasis, Perfect Diary), antiseptic wipes, nursing pads, lens wipes(KOBAYASHI) and so on.
For medical industry, the heat of wet wipes is dropping, but for cosmetics, health and daily necessities, single sachet wet wipes machine has a big market.

How are single-piece wipes produced?
Here is a photo shows the wet wipes packaging machine operation process.
Package Film----Side and Bottom Heat Sealing----Folding Non-woven Fabric----Inserting Wipes into Package Bag and Adding Liquid----4 Sides Heat Sealing----Print Batch Number and Easy Tear----Cut the Wipes----Finished Product Output

What is the highlight of our wipes machine?
1.19 years technology, experience and development provide quality guarantee of our 4 sides seal wipes machine.
2.We adopts Taiwan Delta or Japan Yaskawa servo motor and Siemens PLC, Intelligent touch screen, servo motor control system, full automatic machine make stable run and convenient operation.
3.About heating seal device, we use adjustable mold. Customers can make different sizes of wet tissue on the machine, the product size is (40-140) *(40-110) mm(L*W).
4.The mold coated with Teflon, it is anti-stick also protects the mold mesh and prolongs the service life.
5.Our machine is vert popular all over the world. BD Alcohol Swabs, KOBAYASHI Lens Wipes, Florasis, Perfect Diary Makeup Remover Wipes, etc are all made by our single sachet wet tissue machine.
6.We have a professional after-sales team to help customers save all after-sales questions to make sure the machine is running.